We’ll forever be grateful to our heroes


RE: “We must ensure that our heroes did not die in vain” (The New Times, October 1).

And contrary to Napoleon's belief, the volunteer army of RPA-Inkotanyi liberators did not march on their stomachs as the struggle was solely underwritten by Rwandans without sufficient means to provide the funding to afford adequate quantities of high-quality food beyond dry maize and dry beans.

But what these gallant sons and daughters of Rwanda lacked in nutritional sustenance, they more than made up in commitment and determination to succeed in their goal of liberating their country even at the price of their own lives.

One cannot contemplate where our country is today without thinking in humility and gratitude of all those whose willing sacrifice made it possible, starting 26 years back. We will be ever grateful. And the best way for us to show it is never to betray your dreams for our country.

Mwene Kalinda