It is possible to keep transport fares subsidised

It is almost two weeks since fuel prices were hiked in Rwanda. The raise in the prices has affected the entire economy because there is subsequent raise in road transport fares which have in turn affected the prices of other commodities.

This situation is quite understandable but the public transport operators seem to have taken advantage of the whole situation by unusually hiking the prices.

The ministry of Energy and Transport together with the main transport associations Atracom and Onatracom should solve the problem in regard to the high cost of living in the country.

The two transport companies should also bear in mind that the fare passengers pay should be appropriate to the distance they travel in order to break the exorbitance that is developing amongst transporters on pretexts of increased fuel prices.

Otherwise if this continues, business will be significantly inaccessible in some places.

Both the transporters and the passengers should be weighed equally before the two companies so that accessibility is possible.

Exorbitant fares will hamper accessibility in the country if nothing is done in good time.