A warm welcome to World Economic Forum delegates


Finance and Economic Planning minister Claver Gatete (L) and Elsie Kanza, the head of WEF Africa division and member of the Executive Committee of World Economic Forum, address the media in Kigali on Monday. (Net photo)


RE:Why Rwanda is warming to World Economic Forum” (The New Times, May 9).

This is a time for our media to do their job right. First, they need to help build the mood among all Kigalians so they can extend a warm welcome to our guests.

Bars, restaurants and clubs should serve people to their best. Cab drivers should be honest and friendly, drive safely, and follow all the traffic rules to avoid recklessness that may cause panic. Motorists should be disciplined on the roads.

Let there be no guest return to their respective countries talking of stolen belongings. Police should also deploy in such places as Remera-Giporoso and Nyabugogo, where pickpockets are common.

If there are alternative routes created for the locals to avoid any hitches on the road for delegates arriving for WEF, let it be communicated properly.

It is important to let the world enjoy Rwanda fully.

In summary, Kigalians should keep the city warm, clubs and bars should be open until late; let our guests enjoy the ambiance and feel of Kigali.