Jumpsuit: How to pull it off


Jumpsuits are great for both corporate and casual occasions. (Net photos)

The jumpsuit has slowly made its way back in today’s fashion, from 70’s! And they are not just outfits that people wear while sky diving! 

Anita Ntusarare, a fashion designer in Biryogo Market, Nyamirambo, outlines a few guidelines on how to go about the jumpsuit.


“Jumpsuits can be worn anywhere, any time. There are even some made from African fabric - they look really cool. For a sophisticated look, one should know how to pull it off,” says Ntusarare.

Choose the right colour

Always go for a jumpsuit that has one colour, don’t go for one with mixed colours. It will appear as if you are wearing two different outfits (a top and bottom). Also, it’s good to pick a colour that complements your skin tone.

Opt for a blazer

A blazer will finish the look. It’s a good choice for those who are afraid of exposing too much flesh. And don’t button, so that the jumpsuit can be seen well.

Pick the right shoes

Jumpsuits always go well with heels, because they help in highlighting one’s height. Flat shoes only work at the beach and maybe casual occasions, like a family gathering.

Know your size

Knowing your size is important. This helps the baseline of the jumpsuit. Again, choosing the right size will prevent disasters such as an oversize or clearly smaller jumpsuit.