HRW claims are baseless


RE: “Who will tell HRW to stop abusing the rights of Rwandans?” (The New Times, September 29).

You have not been there, and you do not understand a thing at all about life there (at Gikondo Transit Centre), so if I were you, I would, sufficiently sing the amazing grace and then back away from the things I do not understand.



Do I understand that Mugisha wants to make us believe that he has been there? In what capacity, pray? Evidence instead of HRW-type sloganeering, no matter how authoritatively asserted, would help to support your otherwise empty claims.

Training and skills development for hard case juvenile delinquents and homeless street kids is an infinitely more humane approach to transforming them into productive members of society and giving them a chance at a future than arresting and incarcerating them for vagrancy.

And that is a choice to be made by each and every society in line with its own values, rather than on the basis of preferences by self-appointed ‘watchdogs’ of the HRW ilk, accountable only to their funders.

If HRW and their long-time Kenneth Roth wish to engage in experimentation in social management let them ask their financial benefactors, such as George Soros, to buy them a country to play with. Just let them leave us alone.

Rwandans aren’t interested in any of the harebrained ‘ideas’ they might be pushing. We know our problems and will resolve them in our own way and at our own pace, without paying much heed to the toxic prescriptions of the HRW sorcerer’s apprentices.

Mwene Kalinda