Trendy ways to make a scarf fashionable


A scarf can also be worn on the head. (Timothy Kisambira )

Most women use fashion accessories to bring out the best in an outfit and currently scarves have become a woman’s best friend when it comes to making a fashion statement on a daily basis. 

Gone are the days when a scarf was just used to wrap around the neck when in freezing weather or when nursing a cold. Nowadays, women are using scarves to add glamour to their outfits.

For instance, on a dull short black dress, one can wear a colourful scarf to make the outfit more appealing. The trend of wrapping the scarf on the bag is also picking momentum amongst most women. The scarf is wrapped around the handbag to look stylish but later when it rains or gets cold, the scarf comes in handy.

Christine Mbabazi, designer and proprietor of Christine’s Creative Collections (CCC) that is located in Remera revealed that scarves are for all seasons.

“Of course with the scarf, it’s the fabric that dictates when to wear it but scarves can be worn anytime. For example, scarves with wool fabric are for cold conditions but silk or chiffon scarves can be worn in the dry season. What matters is how you wear the scarf,” Mbabazi explains.

The 24-year-old Mbabazi further emphasised that women should have a variety of colourful scarves in their wardrobe.

“Scarves are perfect when you want to add colour to your outfit. They are actually perfect for both formal and casual wear. My advice to women is very simple, try to experiment with scarves for any outfit and to add style to your attire,” Mbabazi advises.

Scarves have become multipurpose accessories. They can also be used as head wraps. This trend has seen a new type of scarf, The Nursing Scarf; join the ranks of fashion accessories.

According to an article by Glenni Lorick “Nursing Scarves Make a Fashion Statement” published on, majority of mothers like to have some kind of cover available if they are nursing their babies in a public place like in a restaurant, church or even around male relatives and that is where the nursing scarf comes in.

The article further states that a nursing scarf is a new addition to breastfeeding supplies and also fashion accessories. “It can be worn just like anyone would wear any other scarf, but when it’s time to nurse; it can be fastened around the neck with two magnetic clasps to provide a wide, lightweight nursing cover.”