Overcome illness by natural methods

Although our body system have been reliant on pharmaceutical products for a long time to cure and overcome our bodily illnesses, natural revolution has come up with natural methods that are not drug dependent to solve health problems.

Although our body system have been reliant on pharmaceutical products for a long time to cure and overcome our bodily illnesses, natural revolution has come up with natural methods that are not drug dependent to solve health problems.

It is true that increased prevalence and infections creates high demand for use of pharmaceutical drugs for immediate and quick solutions. New approaches now look at the immunity strength and environment protection as some of the tangible solutions for some illnesses.

It is not good to rely on pharmaceutical drugs for a long time as germs create resistance for them. For example antibiotics are known largely to treat infections but people have occasionally used antibiotics to treat less aggres¬sive illnesses that could be treated by natural measures like resting or adequate use of high value food nutrients to strengthen their immune system.

Some people use antibiotics against viral infections which creates no positive effect. It is important to seek advice from the doctor before any treatment approach. This is because some symptoms for viral infections are similar to those from bacterial infection. You cannot easily distinguish fever of a viral inflammatory reaction from that of a bacterial inflammatory response unless a clear medical intervention is done.

Increased use of antibiotics in previous decades has given rise to new breed of antibiotic-resistant super bugs that threaten people lives. This is why some people are always plagued with recurring infections due to weakened body resistance to diseases.

This has been seen in children from poor communities where a disease like mild otitis media have been treated with antibiotics yet can get better with pain relief drugs.

The worst scenario here is that a single course of antibiotics may increase a child’s risk for future ear infections.

Now people have to look at natural ways to strengthen the immunity system in order to prevent or overcome disease attack. This helps people not to develop the types of infection for which antibiotics are so often prescribed.

To get the most out of complementary therapies it is best to consult a qualified practitioner, but one can help himself get better health by making simple dietary and lifestyle changes that strengthen the natural defenses to disease.

There are a number of ways to eat a fresh or whole food diet which includes at least five portions of washed fruit and vegetables a day. These contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which protect the body against disease.

People should choose organic produce to avoid the antibiotic and pesticide residue in food.  Use of inorganic products have hurt so much people from western countries as chemical food nutrients expose people to some carcinogens as seen in some colon cancer patients.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, high sugar foods, fried or fatty food as they have been shown to depress immune activity and reduce levels of vital vitamins and minerals. In some studies, it has been proved that green tea products are more preferable than coffe. Green tea is rich in the antioxidants and catechins which can prevent bacterial and viral infection. This improves natural body resistance to infections.

Eat a wide variety of foods to get all the nutrients you need as this facilitates maximum body absorption.

Some herbs and spices should be added to our foods as long as they have immune strengthening properties. Examples of some additives include; garlic is that works as a natural antibiotic, cinnamon that helps dispel colds and flu, ginger that prevents stomach upsets, basil that works well in antibacterial and anti-parasitic effects, as well as oregano as an antibacterial and antifungal boaster.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. Moderate exercise has been shown to increase the levels of the body’s natural defender cells. Avoid excessive exercise which reduces immune activity.

Stress depletes levels of protective vitamins and makes you more susceptible to an infection. Relaxation techniques, regular massage or a relaxing hobby can seriously reduce stress levels.

Take a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement every day, especially if you are prone to recurrent infections. The average diet is unlikely to provide the quantity and variety of nutrients needed for healthy immune function.

Make sure that you sleep well. Having too little sleep inhibits the body’s restorative and repair mechanism and reduces the immunity to infection.

Dr Joseph Kamugisha is a resident oncologist in Jerusalem, Israel


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