Wenger, where is the money?

The players transfer period is just as mouth-watering as the football season itself, although not quite- but not so far.
 Ivan R. Mugisha
Ivan R. Mugisha

The players transfer period is just as mouth-watering as the football season itself, although not quite- but not so far.

Even without meaningful club football in sight, we have been treated to historic transfers, such as Neymar to Barcelona and Jesus Navas to Manchester City, involving millions of pounds.

Football is full of sadists you know. People don’t only support their clubs but get equal pleasure from the demise of rival clubs.

For example, Manchester United haters can’t stop laughing at the fact that every time the Red Devils have tried to make a big purchase signing, its shares have dropped significantly - an indication of its vulnerability after Ferguson.

On the other hand, Arsenal haters can’t stop mocking Arsene Wenger, who despite having millions at his disposal, hasn’t swayed big name players to his club so far.

Probably he is waiting for the last days of the transfer in order to get a better bargain. In other words, for Wenger, once bitten isn’t twice shy.

Wenger has been linked with players like Fiorentina striker Stevan Jovetic, Real Madrid’s Higuain, Wayne Rooney and Everton’s Fellaini. These are all players who would demand wage bills of more than £100,000 a week and I honestly don’t believe Wenger’s philosophy has changed overnight.

To the Gooners, it’s a thin line between glory and struggle. Their club once again must rely on Wenger to either make changes and fight for trophies, or keep the pride and triumph ahead of Tottenham, as the only “trophy”.

Man U dreams of Lewandowski, but who is Varela?

Manchester United is known for making some unknown but outstanding signings, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. But it is also home to some of the most bizarre signings history, like the Portuguese Bebe.

Call it a lucky buy or a sour gamble, United’s purchase of Uruguayan U20 right-back Varela Guillermo was nothing but unexpected.

In reality, Varela wasn’t hot cake. The 20-year old doesn’t even have ten caps under his name for the hs country, yet United scooped him like he was being circled by other teams!

It feels as if Man United only needed to make a statement – to keep the fans debating while they try to hunt bigger game like Robert Lewandowski.

Therefore, I won’t be blinded. Varela is just a stage-show. If United want to show real ambition, the likes of Lewandowski, Yohan Cabaye or Fabregas have to cross over to the Theatre of Dreams.

Watch out for Chelsea next season

Welcome back Jose Mourinho, the manager who divides opinion like a knife divides linen. There is nothing like having fair feelings for Mourinho – you either love him or hate him. Period!

Whereas he left Real Madrid under a trophyless season, Mourinho left as the victor. Real Madrid were not able to keep a winning coach. Be it Del Bosque or Fabio Capello, Real Madrid fired them all in the hope that it would get a manager who would be invincible.

Even when they seemingly found that in Mourinho, given his achievements elsewhere, Madrid failed to give him the support he needed.

Now Mour joins his first love Chelsea, and leaves Madrid in some form of tatters, and a legacy which I believe is still hard to break. Good enough, he didn’t return as “The Special One”, but as “The Happy One.”

My prediction is that Chelsea will go all the way to the Champions League final next season. Still far away I know, but I feel it happening.


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