How looking intelligent became so attractive

Reading glasses used to only become necessary after a certain age, when eyesight was expected to diminish naturally.

Reading glasses used to only become necessary after a certain age, when eyesight was expected to diminish naturally.

In these fashion-obsessed times, however, young people no longer want to be caught stuck with boring plain frames which you actually risk looking much older.

Nowadays, designer reading glasses are easily available even in local optical store , even with roadside vendors that there is no longer need to visit an optician or big shopping mall to buy them.

It would appear that people have also become less conscious of wearing reading glasses because a handful of celebrities do it openly and do not hesitate to flaunt the latest in reading eyewear.

In fact, it has become somewhat of a fashion fad to even resort to wearing non-prescription designer glasses for reading simply because it lends a touch of sophistication and gives an intellectual look.

Designer reading glasses look good and make the wearer feel good because he can flaunt them in public simply on the strength of the brand value.

In fact, intelligence, which is usually associated with a love for reading and a tendency to have collected many interesting books, is a definite turn on for many. A love for reading and a thirst for knowledge have been known to make a person much more appealing.

But in this day and age, the publishing world is shifting toward digital format and the modern reader is beginning to change his or her habits. People can now read short stories online while others are subscribing to blogs to find out about the world, rather than reading magazines, newspapers and other tangible literature. Nowadays, a full bookshelf is not necessarily an indicator of intelligence, because the person who owns no library might as well have an entire library of fascinating reading packed away on their computer or phone.

A spectacle to admire

In this modern age, a more reliable indicator of a healthy reading culture could be a pair of designer reading glasses. Reading glasses indicate that the wearer spends a lot of their time reading and so they find it worth it to choose a stylish pair so that they look good while reading.    Chances are that they see reading as a positive and enjoyable pastime and they are happy to wear their glasses while immersing themselves into a good book. If you are looking to find a romantic partner who shares your literary passion, the fact that they own designer reading glasses might be a good indication.

Of course, it is impossible to tell everything about a person just by observing what they do and don’t own. If you really want to find out if someone loves reading and has a thirst for knowledge, all you really need to do is start up a conversation.


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