A letter to my future ex

This is how it’s going to happen, I can see it now, I can predict just how, It’s going to play out!

This is how it’s going to happen, I can see it now, I can predict just how, It’s going to play out!

I will meet you for the first time with a group of people, I’ll look at you, And, you’ll look at me, I’ll smile and You’ll look at me, And in your head… Your mind will register that my smile is…quiet amazing…

 We’ll talk to other people, And then we will find ourselves around the crowd and we will begin to talk…You, you will ask me what my name is and I’ll say it’s Angel…And this, this is what you will say next…

 Angel…wow… the name really fits your face.

 I, I will smile and act like it’s the first time I’ve heard that dumb line and say something like, Oh really???.... Thank you…

 Then we, we -will – then talk for a bit, and soon after that…you will ask for my number…I will give it to you…because apart from the dumb line you just spit for me…You said some other pretty interesting stuff…you’re cute and my love life sucks…You, you will tickle my fancy….

 I will go home…and get a text from you saying: It was really nice to see you and I would …REALLY like to meet you again…And I’ll text back…

 Future ex… These things will happen. This is the beginning of our end…Can’t you see it?

 I’ll see you more often…You’ll start calling, asking how my day was…Trying to fit into my schedules, Can we do lunch or a drink or can I take you out on a date… We will do these things, You will FILL my inbox and BE on my call log… These things will happen…Then one day we’ll kiss…And soon after that---we won’t go a day without feeling each other’s lips
Until it will become normal and we can’t do a day without it. Future Ex these things will happen…And YOU will fall in love…Then you will say that u need me to be yours and yours alone. And though my guard should be up, I will slowly let it down…Like “oh what the…”, And I will begin to let myself fall back in love with you…And for months, for months…we will be happy…

 Future ex… this is exactly how it will happen. Soon after you will say things like you will love me forever, And you promise to always be there, And and and and ….

I will feel like the world is mine and I feel like these things that you tell me are true…Then once you have me in your hand…You will get comfortable with situations..You- won’t call as much, You- won’t text

 And I, I will take you out for lunch and want to fit in YOUR schedule

I will want to take you for a drink dinner or date, Ask you how your days was, And you you will slowly but surely disappear…

And…my smile… no matter how much I smile for you now…you will look to other things and it, it won’t be so amazing anymore…

So future ex… Before you roll your eyes and tell me that you’re different and that you’re not like them other guys just know—

I have already heard that particular line

And I know that THIS, this will be no different, I know that when you say you will love me forever… Well they all said they’d love me forever…and forever aint done yet so where are they? Definitely not with me ! And definitely not loving me !!!

So future ex

Before you send me the first text

And I send you the next and soon after that we are involved in sex

And things get complex and then you are off and on to the next leaving me perplexed heartbroken and stressed…

Let’s… Just be friends

Coz I’d much rather have you as just that- Than just another one of my ex’s Future Ex

Written by Angel Uwamahoro, performed at Spoken Word Rwanda.


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