Talking Point: Senderi explains why he chose International Hit for a stage name

Eric Senderi is the voice behind songs like Twaribohoye, Kaci Kaci, Sukura Umujyi, Icyomoro, and Nsomyaho. He is among Rwandan musicians with the biggest number of Genocide memorial songs (32 in total).
Eric Senderi.
Eric Senderi.

Eric Senderi is the voice behind songs like TwaribohoyeKaci KaciSukura UmujyiIcyomoro, and Nsomyaho. He is among Rwandan musicians with the biggest number of Genocide memorial songs (32 in total).

His latest Genocide song, Kimihurura, was released on the eve of this year’s Genocide Memorial Week. Recently, the Primus Guma Guma Season III finalist announced a change of name from Eric Senderi to ‘Senderi International Hit’. He told Moses Opobo about the new name, and what he plans to do to win Guma Guma III 

QN: Why “International Hit”?

ANS: Senderi International Hit is my new stage name. In 2011, I recorded a song which went on to play on CNN’s Inside Africa programme. It was called Sukura Umujyi which means “Clean up our city”.

I did the song as a gift to Kigali City for its cleanliness campaign.

In November that year a group of journalists from CNN came to see Rwanda’s progress after the Genocide and its vision and the cleanliness of its streets.

They found that my song was being used as a theme song because it was a season for keeping the city clean. The song was even playing on YouTube.

They looked for me, and when they found me, they were surprised to find that I had also done many Genocide memorial songs.

They gave me 480 USD as a reward, and I used part of the money to produce a new song, Icyomoro. It encouraged me to work harder to produce better songs.

On Guma Guma

11 May, the first Primus Guma Guma Superstar Season III tour kicks off in Rusizi District, Western Province. All contestants will perform before the fans, to convince them to vote for us in three month’s time. 

Today, Sunday April 28th, a football match has been organized between Guma Guma finalists and entertainment journalists at Amahoro Stadium.

I have entered an agreement with management of Rayon Sports football club; if their fans vote for me, I will buy the club two players from Zambia.

After that, I’ll give tithe of 10 percent at my church. 

I also want to help jobless youths to go to driving schools and help them get jobs.

Already fifteen driving schools have agreed to teach 100 students each. If I win the 24 million francs cash prize, I will use part of it to make this dream possible.


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