Poem: Aids, Aids, Aids

Acquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeThe so called SidaNow a very common enemyWho created you?Could it be God or Satan?Because you’re a merciless disease...

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
The so called Sida
Now a very common enemy
Who created you?
Could it be God or Satan?
Because you’re a merciless disease
To bring you to our beautiful Africa
Could it be from a monkey?
Or one of us that we don’t know
You continue to confuse us
You seem to cross all boarders
Such a bad guest because you kill the old and the young
Merciless, shameless disease
Causing people to thin down
And lose appetite
You have taken all
Our parents, brothers, sisters and teachers
And above all our leaders
Lord you have punished us enough
Purdon us now
Get us a cure for AIDS today.


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