Dealing with the first trimester of pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy are said to be the hardest for some women as the body goes through a rapid series of changes.

The first three months of pregnancy are said to be the hardest for some women as the body goes through a rapid series of changes.

However some experiences may not be similar although there are certain changes every pregnant woman may expect in the first trimester and be ready to deal with them or handle them in the best way possible. 

According to Agatha Mutamba, a Midwife at the Rwanda Military Hospital, Kanombe, breasts may hurt and become tender or enlarge during the first trimester due to the hormonal changes. In such incidences, all that one can do is wear a comfortable and well fitting bra.

Constipation is also very common during the first trimester of pregnancy. Due to the high levels of hormone progesterone during pregnancy, the muscle contractions that move food through the intestines slow down, leading to constipation according to a health and pregnancy website.

Mutamba advises that in order to deal with constipation pregnancy, a woman can just drink extra fluids.

“Constipation can cause a lot of discomfort during first trimester but can be easily dealt with through increasing intake of fruits and fiber foods. Women should also drink a lot of fluids that are alcohol and caffeine free if they want to avoid it during pregnancy,” she advises. 

Food cravings and dislike is also something many women experience during the first three months of pregnancy. Women will crave for things like raw mangoes, samosas or chocolate. The cravings vary for every pregnant woman.

Others get a strong dislike for different foods but if one starts craving for non food like clay, then they should check with a doctor because this might be dangerous according to the midwife.

Suppressing the urge with the cravings is okay as long as one remembers to eat a healthy diet.

“Frequent urge to urinate is also something that happens a lot during the first trimester because while the uterus is expanding, it puts pressure on the bladder, thus the regular visits to the restroom,” she said. 

The midwife advises that this shouldn’t stop pregnant women from drinking fluids because they are very vital to the body. She also advises that when one feels like urinating, they shouldn’t hold the urine.

Morning sickness and nausea are also expected during this period of pregnancy. Some may also vomit a lot during the first trimester but high protein snacks may be helpful as well as water.


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