Nothing left in this season for me

I do not remember the last time I was so bored about football like I am of late; I think this is the right time to see all the people I failed to see because of football matches.
Ivan R. Mugisha
Ivan R. Mugisha

I do not remember the last time I was so bored about football like I am of late; I think this is the right time to see all the people I failed to see because of football matches.

For the first time in a very long time, the Champion’s League semi finals will have none of the clubs I love. Juventus, which I’ve prided in as my second club, disappointed against Bayern and unless they make a miracle at the Juventus Stadium, this season will be disappointing for me.

Manchester United have wrapped up the Premier League title too early in the season; so all I have left to look out for is the battle for fourth place between Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.  Perhaps also, I will hope to see if Robin Van Persie can actually outsmart the prolific Suarez for the Golden Boot.

However, the Golden Boot and the battle for forth, etc, are nowhere compared to the enjoyment I get when Man United or Juventus go one step further in the Champions League. My problem actually isn’t about the underperformance by clubs I love- it is about the incredible performance of clubs I hate. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich make the top three most disliked clubs on my list and in that order- and yet they are the favorites to march on to Wembley for the final next month. And as you see, it is clearer that at least two of them will reach the final and one of them is destined to win it- how worse can I feel?

Chelsea has everything but a coach

Chelsea walked over Manchester United in the replay of the FA Cup quarter finals, winning themselves a semifinal encounter with outgoing Premier League champions Manchester City. The Blues have a star-studded side able to compete at the highest level, but unfortunately, they have tinkered so much with the managers that the team is always changing tactics half way each season.

Having fired top managers like Jose Mourinho, and Luis Felipe Scolari, Chelsea finally landed their worst nightmare, Rafa Benitez, a manager, who loathed and scathed them while he coached a certain Merseyside rival a few years ago. Now, whether the fans like him or not, he has got them a deserved win against Manchester United and Chelsea is now a serious favorite for the FA title.

However, I still feel Benitez should never have been appointed at Chelsea; even when Chelsea wins, not all the fans are happy because they feel as if an “imposter” is taking the credit. Benitez’s character is not likeable- honestly! He is unapologetic, annoying, disrespectful towards other coaches and no wonder he has a few friends in England.

He had good times at Valencia and at Liverpool; but that is such a long time ago that we football fans shouldn’t be reminded. Since he was fired at Liverpool, he has failed to deliver on any chance he was given, making him the most overrated coach in the world!
A great team of Chelsea’s style surely doesn’t need someone like that. As a matter of fact, Benitez needs Chelsea more than it needs him.

Rooney is back for training- so what?

Once again, Wayne Rooney’s season has been summarised; he isn’t the top scorer at United, he isn’t the top assister and he hasn’t played the most games for United, yet he earns the most. On Thursday, I read on Soccernet that he is back in training after suffering a groin injury- I immediately wondered how he would be of great benefit so late in the season.

When United needed him against Real Madrid, he wasn’t included in one of the ties, and when they needed him against Chelsea in the FA Cup replay, he was complaining of injury.  When he is not injured, he is off form and when he is hot on form, he gets injured! Honestly when will Manchester United get a full season out of Wayne Rooney? I am quite sure Sir Alex Ferguson has analysed this as well, and might impress us in the transfer window.


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