I live for happiness. There is little to live for otherwiseInvention stopped with the time machineWhich was not complete even.

I live for happiness.
There is little to live for otherwise
Invention stopped with the time machine
Which was not complete even.
Love stopped with Princess Diana
where people mourned her for all the right reasons
Hunger stopped in Ethiopia
When it was still too poor to recognize
It had heritage sites on its terranious back
Hatred stopped with Oscar Pistorious
When the pistol left the riotousness
Courage died with Uganda martyrs
Burnt for a religion that has been deserted by its shepherd.
Dont blame me if I choose to
live for happiness
Days of bliss
Nights of mirth
That way I am assured
Of having laugh lines on my wrinkled forehead
Instead of bloody gashes from a noble cause
Don’t blame me because I sound selfish
Happiness is a task
as hard as any other
Ask the Rwandan who
lost their family to a brother tribe


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