Unique decor for this Easter

Looking for ideas on unique decor for Easter? Here are 5 ways to use home accents and spring wreaths as Easter decorations...

Looking for ideas on unique decor for Easter? Here are 5 ways to use home accents and spring wreaths as Easter decorations...

Many homeowners have a rotating supply of holiday decor that they bring out based on the time of year. Take my mother in-law and how she decorates her home.

For as many years that I’ve known her, I’ve come to memorize the home accents that I can expect to see for each holiday. Even though I haven’t been to her house in a while, I know that right about now I would find lots of white bunnies in top coats and yellow chicks as part of her Easter decorating.

If this year you’d like to take your decorating ideas for Easter up a notch, you’re in luck. Here are 5 tips for unique decor for Easter involving home accents, springs wreaths and more…

1. Instead of filling baskets with plastic Easter grass, make a paper version instead. Run old newspapers through a paper shredder to create vintage-inspired Easter grass. Better yet, run some old comics through so that you’ll come out with coloured Easter grass. No shredder? You can always accordion fold the newspaper, and then cut leftover bits of construction paper or tissue paper to add a pop of colour to your spring crafts.

2. Some of the prettiest Easter decorations are right in your backyard. A vase filled with branch clippings makes quite an impact – for free! Hopefully, where you live some of the bushes have started to blossom. If not, you could always head to your favourite crafts store to pick up colourful twigs. Or cut the twigs you want from your backyard and get out spray paint in the hues you might choose when colouring Easter eggs. With twigs in a festive colour, you’re sure to brighten your home and create your own unique decorations.

3. Dig into your recycling bin for old soup cans. Once washed and clean, you can choose to wrap them in fabric or paint them in pastel colours to create festive flower vases.

4. Look for a table runner in your gift wrapping. It is amazing what you can find in leftover wrapping paper. There could be a table runner hiding in there – especially if you have any baby shower paper. That could be perfect for Easter as it often comes decorated in pastel colours or with Easter critters, such as bunnies and chicks on it.

5. You don’t need a wreath for every season and holiday. Invest in one you love, such as a simple boxwood version, and then embellish with unique decor to fit the occasion. So for Easter it might be coloured Easter eggs, spring flowers or even little bunnies.


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