I hate people who…

…think it is cool to dilute tomato sauce and liquid soap. I have noticed a very annoying and sickening habit in some of the restaurants here in Kigali.

…think it is cool to dilute tomato sauce and liquid soap. I have noticed a very annoying and sickening habit in some of the restaurants here in Kigali. Some jokers want to minimise costs and brains by diluting tomato sauce and liquid soap. I was in a restaurant and the tomato source was just flowing like Nyabarongo. I refused to eat the ‘flooded’ food. Others dilute the liquid soap almost rendering it useless. If these people think they are making any savings then it’s just stupidity that they are accumulating. I wonder why such places cannot be shut down immediately. 

…think I have the time to guess on the phone.
It is 2013 and some brainless chaps think that a phone is used for quizzes. I really hate fools who call me and after the hellos they have the nerve to yap, “Guess who you are talking to?” Look here woman; I did not buy a smartphone to speak to dumb fools who think I have the time for guessing games. If you have something to say then say it otherwise you are just a retard misusing a communication gadget. This is not a circus. Please if you are reading this and you know anyone like this please smack them hard in the face and say it is The Hater who sent you. I have a good lawyer ready to handle any issues arising from that slap. 

…meet me on the street and think I have time for an interview. 
Sometimes all you want to do is walk along the street and get to my destination without being disturbed by idlers. That is why I cannot fail to hate these jokers who meet you and immediately start asking you the A–Z of your life right there on the street. “Where have you been? Are you still staying in Kanombe? So you still work at The New Times? When was the last time we met? Dude, cut the crap and move on. I do not have the time for this. If you had wanted to ask me these silly questions then you would have set up a proper appointment for an interview. It’s not my fault that you don’t have better things to do.

…think it is cool to get a tattoo in Chinese.
I always say that people never cease to amaze me with their levels of stupidity. It is bad enough to see a fool walking around with those cheap lousy tattoos from Nyamirambo but to make matters worse some of those brainless chaps have the guts to settle for a tattoo in Chinese! Dude, you can’t even read a sentence in that language but you want to pretend that you enjoy explaining your tattoo to everyone who has nothing better to do than listening to your sorry stories. You cannot even locate where the Chinese embassy in Kigali is but you want us to believe that you know enough words in the language to decide on the best words for a tattoo. Please get a life.

…seem not to know the use of ordinary lights.
I had to save this one for the guys at EWSA who are in charge of supplying us with power. I don’t even know where to start but let me write quickly before they switch of the power. I should have sensed that there was something wrong with these guys when they started switching their name from Electrogaz to Reco-Rwasco and then to EWSA. Someone even said that EWSA actually stands for Electricity & Water Sometimes Available. I really don’t care what these guys call themselves but at least they should know that the lights at home or at work are not traffic lights or disco lights that you switch on and off six times in an hour. It should not be so hard to make up your minds on this.

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