A story of two lions that killed 130 people in Africa

Movie: The Ghost and the Darkness Showing at: Cine star, NyamiramboRun: 109 minutes

Movie: The Ghost and the Darkness
Showing at: Cine star, Nyamirambo
Run: 109 minutes

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Writer: William Goldman

Stars: Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer, Tom Wilkinson

Set in 1898, this movie is based on the true story of two lions in Africa that killed 130 people over a nine-month period, while a bridge engineer and an experienced old hunter tried to kill them.

In 1896 Lt. Col. John Paterson was sent to East Africa to build a railway bridge. He had a deadline to meet but was confident he and his large workforce of Africans and Indians can get the job done in time. John’s was a man of his word and got things done - which he demonstrated on his first day by killing a lion that had been pestering the workforce. This earned John respect, but it didn’t last very long because a few weeks later 2 new lions began visiting and they’re man-eaters.

The film is based on a true story and during the construction of the bridge; the lions would enter the workers camp to kill. Believing them not to be real lions, the locals name them ‘The Ghost’ and ‘The Darkness’. After losing dozens of workers to the lions, the railroad company brought in Remington, an American ‘great white hunter’, to kill them, but even his reputation for being the best could not prevent yet more carnage. It is believed that over 130 people were killed by the two lions in just a few months.


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