Why do smart women settle for dumb relationships?

I know women are smart and I’d like to think that I am in that category of smart women.

I know women are smart and I’d like to think that I am in that category of smart women. However, for the life of me, I don’t get why we settle for relationships that make no sense whatsoever! I am not afraid to say that I have been in relationships that made as much sense as Oprah Winfrey on crack then, after gaining my senses, reflecting on the relationship and going ‘the hell was I thinking’?

Unless you are in denial, when you look back at some of your relationships, aren’t the red flags more visible? Perhaps you spotted them all along but was blinded by what you thought was love (by the look of things love is doing more harm than good!).

I guess whoever said women think with their hearts was on point because that is the only way we manage to make the same lousy mistakes over and over again.

Smart and competent women are living in emotionally cold marriages/relationships filled with sarcasm, contempt, betrayal, addiction and rage that would put Mike Tyson’s to shame.

Why are they settling? Is it fear, stress (this one makes no sense), or the lack of belief that things can be better? Personally, I hate living alone – I like having people around me all the time, lest I spot a spider or caterpillar I am not keen on having around.

I guess some women find it better to settle for a senseless relationship than be alone. They refrain from stating their frustration with some things because the dude might get angry and leave.

I get that itchy feeling that some women are simply killing time. There is way too much partying and too much living to do to be tied down for good. So they choose someone who isn’t quite their type, but decent enough to carry on with until a knight in shining armor arrives on his white horse (this sounds a lot like me).

Different from my party sisters are the women for whom the inevitable ticking of the biological clock becomes deafening. These are the women who have scrambled to find someone suitable enough for partnership—but not quite right enough for a lifetime of happiness. If you’re simply dying to add “Mrs.” to your name, then Mr. Wrong will become Mr. Will Do.

This sounds like me too because if there is one thing I like, it is proving a point! You may think that the rebellious years are behind you once you enter your 30’s or 40’s.

But on occasion, nothing could be further from the truth. Plenty of singles are pressured by their families/peers to get involved with and/or marry certain types of people, hence determined to prove them wrong.

In this pop-culture crazed world, some people are actually drawn to the drama that comes with dating someone they know is wrong for them. Arguing, jealousy, and mind games are all part for the course...

Until it stops being funny.


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