Come on, don’t be a slob.

Believe me I am all for the low maintenance lifestyle but when it comes to your skin, everyone needs to try a little bit harder.

Believe me I am all for the low maintenance lifestyle but when it comes to your skin, everyone needs to try a little bit harder.

Yes, today I am going all dermatologist on you and I hope you learn something. Until this year, I really did not care that much about my skin. Soap and water were my two best friends and no one else was getting into that relationship.

However, I was blessed or cursed (whichever way you see it) with quite sensitive skin. Should I move from here to Karongi and use different water,  it’s face rash central for me and that is when I usually wish I could hide in bed for a couple of days until the rash clears up.

My perfect side hustle would be to write about skin products. This doesn’t make sense for someone who clearly has sensitive skin but it would be great to just have products arrive at your door and you test them out and then write about it.

One thing about living in Rwanda is that we are in dire need of beauty stores. Many women I know deal with skin issues and turn to their dermatologists who send you home with a bunch of medicine including pills, soaps, and creams and hopes that their skin will magically clear up the next day. Oh, I should mention that I am a strong supporter of natural beauty products and totally against chemicals that I cannot pronounce which goes for my food and anything I apply onto my skin or in my hair.

We need to stop being lazy and look for more natural ways to take care of our skin. It is as simple going on the internet and doing a lot of research about what would suit your skin type. Everyone is different and we all live for trial and error so let us try and move away from chemicals and use more organic ingredients for our skin.  We live in a country with lots of natural ingredients; I know a lot of women who can swear by cow ghee or “amavuta y’inka”. I am personally not a fan of the smell but those who don’t mind it love it! People also say oatmeal is a great natural exfoliator and honey is also great for your skin if mixed with a few other ingredients.

Personally, I exfoliate a couple of times a week with a brand that is organic but the internet has a lot of natural exfoliators. I should definitely add sunscreen to my daily routine because I know popular belief is black don’t crack but with all the buzz about UV rays and all that I would rather be on the safe side.

Also let’s not forget the easiest part of lifestyle is lots of veggies and fruits and throw in a lot of water! So do your research and find out how you can take better care of your skin.

What are your skin tips my 21st Century ladies?


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