BOOKSHELF:The story of a womaniser

Book: Because Of WomenAuthor: Bella Sonne DipokoAvailable at: National library of Rwanda

Book: Because Of Women
Author: Bella Sonne Dipoko
Available at: National library of Rwanda

The story of a womaniser who dreams of founding a large family, the novel tries to show the deep joy there is in women. Ngoso is faced with choosing between Ewudu, who is probably barren, and Njale, who is expecting his child. When Njale accuses him of sleeping with a third woman, Inon, who is his friend’s wife, he attacks her savagely and she goes.

This leaves Ngoso free to follow his passion for Ewudu. News comes to him by that Njale has died from a miscarriage brought on by his assault. However, Ngoso’s problems are far from solved. It turns out that Njale and the child are alive and Ewudu leaves him only to return when it is too late.


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