Religious Conundrum

The end of time is near. My Dad let me go to a night club for the first time!

The end of time is near. My Dad let me go to a night club for the first time!

I do not complain about my life, we pastors’ kids have more rules than the rest of the typical laymen’s kids. For that matter, my curfew is earlier, we pray a lot and I make no typos as I tell you, I have never seen the inside of a nightclub.

I was too much of a coward to make my way inside the nightclub once I got to the KBC building. But I am not complaining again. It is what it is.

My complaint though is with people who think that all minister’s kids are warped! We are normal people. Honestly, it is my father or mother who is wearing that mantle of leadership not me! I may have some follies, indiscretions as a child, but that is only to be expected. Like I said, we are normal!

I detest it when someone looks at me and says I didn’t know you could dance, or do whatever because I am a pastor’s kid. Do you think life goes on a standstill once your father is appointed?

Tell me, do you blame an ironsmith’s son if he has a plastic cup? Do you go to a doctor’s kid if you are sick? Do you visit the teacher’s daughter for remedial lessons?

No! So why should our case be different?

Yvonne and I are going to the Dugout Bar to pick up Ivan and Zoe (the two have become quite the item!) I meet an old school mate and she sizes me up, YEEOOW!! And decides leggings and a dress top don’t match with her idea of what a pastor’s child should wear.

In a deceptively soft voice, she asked Yvonne, and the fawning couple (Yes, I am hating; I envy their romance!) to give us a few words alone. The three readily accept. Moving off, I start the obvious niceties and she stops me in my tracks as she starts raving about my indecent dress code. I point out the numerous people dressed the same way or even worse.

“Yes, but you are a pastor’s child,” she says, “You have to live your calling!” I was shocked! Since when is being a pastor’s kid a calling? You are born one!

Do not get me wrong, I am only against people who think I should censor my life, to live my father’s. I will never deliberately harm his reputation, but I will live my life, my way.

I am a journalist as I am a Christian and I will impact people through journalism.


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