Their most memorable Valentine’s Day

Carol Nderitu, Karaoke host  It was six years ago, I was still in Nairobi and the guy I was dating won the Capital Radio Nairobi Amarula contest.
Carol,  Chantal & Cynthia
Carol, Chantal & Cynthia

Carol Nderitu, Karaoke host

It was six years ago, I was still in Nairobi and the guy I was dating won the Capital Radio Nairobi Amarula contest. It was a Valentine’s holiday package for two at Serena Hotel Masai Mara. Luckily, Valentine’s came on a Saturday so we had a beautiful weekend to ourselves. We flew to Masai Mara; I remember everything was on the house, from the flight to the rooms, to the food.

It was awesome! You know when everything is for free and you are not stressed at all. When you have to foot the bill, you tend to limit the way you spend, but at the time everything was free.

Normally a guy would want to spoil you on this day to make it special, but if the budget is limited then that’s an issue. In this case everything was free; it was out of this world.

Imagine drinking champagne in the morning and eating anything you want from seafood to all sorts of cuisines. It was a fantastic weekend and a valentine’s day that I can never forget. 


Chantal Umuhoza, ARBEF‘s project coordinator for The Safe Abortion Action Fund.

While growing up, I always thought Valentine’s Day was for couples and that women had to dress in red and black outfits and receive red roses from their spouses.  Little did I know that it’s a day we celebrate the people we love, like friends and family.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day will always be memorable. I received a bouquet of roses from my cousin Claire Umutoni, who tricked me in the note that accompanied the flowers.

The note had directions to a hotel where we would have dinner. I was close to not going thinking it was a stalker, but my friend Tracy offered to escort me. On reaching Umubano Hotel around 7pm, I showed the note to the receptionist as it stated in the note and they led me to a table. My cousin was seated with a couple of my friends and hers. We had a blast!


Cynthia Umurungi a.k.a Ginty,

KFM Presenter

My first valentine’s date is the most memorable. I remember I had just graduated from high school and it was that time when we were all happy about joining university.

I prefer not to reveal specifics, but that was one of my most memorable valentines ever. I think it was because it was a whole new experience for me.

I received a bouquet of red roses during the day. It’s hard to believe, but I think I still remember the scent each time I think of that day.

I was later treated to a nice dinner. By the time I was dropped off at home, I went to bed with a smile on my face.


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