My daughter’s friends are boys

My daughter’s friends are all boys. Should this be a cause for me to worry?

My daughter’s friends are all boys. Should this be a cause for me to worry?


Dear Annet,

There is absolutely no reason for you to worry about in this case. It is actually very normal for girls to have boys for friends. We choose our friends largely based on our interests and not our sex.

For example a girl who loves football will not hesitate to hang around boys who are fond of discussing such issues. In other cases, she may be the kind who just does not enjoy what girls are fond of talking about or doing. This is very normal and you have no reason to worry.

However, if you think that your daughter hanging  out with boys a lot may lead to intimate relations that could lead to unwanted pregnancy then you need to talk to her about sex education and all the things she needs to know about pregnancy or

It is very important for your daughter to be armed with all the necessary information so that she can make only informed choices as far as her life is concerned. Instead of worrying about the sex of your daughter’s friends you should probably find out what they have in common. What do they enjoy doing together?

You may want to visit her school and have a chat with some of the teachers to know what kind of friends your daughter’s. Teachers tend to know a lot about their students and could give you a clearer picture. All in all what is important is communication. Talk to her about it and get to know her views on this topic.

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