Leaving room for doubt is natural

women go through a lot of turmoil, but their strength is superb - they don’t easily break.

women go through a lot of turmoil, but their strength is superb - they don’t easily break. Just imagine you’re planning to walk down the aisle with the love of your life and a month before the wedding, you discover that he has a six months old son and three year old daughter yet you have been dating for the last four years.

I felt pity for the girl, because she didn’t get the sad news from the husband to be, but from the soon to be sister in law. When the girl confronted the soon to be husband, he quickly said it was a mistake that happened in the past and would never happen again. Oh my God! Some men can be bold.  One child? Sure, we would understand that…but two from the same woman?  How can that be a mistake or so called accident? How would you expect someone to trust you again? With the proof at hand, how can they get married to a lying-cheat only to find out later, that there are more mysterious family members still hidden out there? Like seriously, is this man worth spending your life with? I believe not even in the next life-time.

The bride to be was so broken that she had to leave the country because it was so humiliating and she needed to start a new life.

I used to think that the statement ‘ Leave room for doubt’ was unjustifiable. it was after the above incident happened to someone close to me that I felt that leaving room for doubt should not only be natural, but always at the back of your mind so that when such incidents happen you are not extremely crushed.

Its funny how some men have made it their specialty to play around with women’s hearts all in the name of love and later majestically walk out on them.

Therefore, my fellow 21st Century women, when you’re looking through his lovely eyes and he is confessing his love for you, know that he is not immune to temptation; he could be telling the same sweet words to another woman somewhere.

Quote me right, I didn’t say that all men are cheats, but a couple of them are; so watch your back!


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