The ugly truth

Movie: The Ugly Truth Running time: 96 minutesDirected by: Robert LuketicAvailable at: Clarido videos

Movie: The Ugly Truth
Running time: 96 minutes
Directed by: Robert Luketic
Available at: Clarido videos

Some girls are just bad pickers. And Katherine Heigl, top hot doc from Grey’s Anatomy, seems to be one of them. Many would regard a lead in Knocked Up as a fine breakthrough role, but she apparently regretted it, later accusing the film of sexism. Then, rather blowing any femmy cred she might have notched up, Heigl starred in 27 Dresses, about a serial bridesmaid who hoards her old frocks. Now, she’s repeated the trick: The Ugly Truth, which she also produced, redefines dire.

Heigl is Abby, a whiny, prissy, control freak producer on a Sacramento morning TV show – it’s apparently among Heigl’s missions to always appear as unsympathetic, and as ill-lit, as possible. To give ailing ratings a shot in the arm, her boss wheels in hunky Neanderthal Mike Chadwick (Gerard Butler), whose lewd late-night rants instructing the ladies on how to bag a man (“get a Stairmaster!”) have proved a hit on   cable and do indeed do the same at breakfast time.

Professionally, our pair loathe each other. But might, just might, just possibly, there be some attraction bubbling beneath the barbs? Pillow Talk or His Girl Friday this ain’t, despite the photocopied plot.


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