Six cruel things women have done to me

Flirting to get me jealous  Maybe she’s still mad at me or maybe she enjoys the painful look on my face.
Patrick Buchana
Patrick Buchana

Flirting to get me jealous

Maybe she’s still mad at me or maybe she enjoys the painful look on my face. (I lean more on the ‘she enjoys it’ part).  For whatever reason, girls who flirt with other guys in front of their boyfriends are immature…a rude person would say they are loose!

Testing me

I call my girlfriend and inform her about my plans to go out with my friends at night and just as I’m getting ready to leave the house, the phone rings and she asks me to cancel my plans and go be with her. She has no particular reason as to why she’s asking and all she is waiting for to traumatize me senseless is the line, I’m sorry sweet heart can’t we do this next time?

Withdrawing intimacy

For most men, intimacy is as important as breathing, so withholding it in order to get something she wants is simply the biggest punishment anyone can ever give me. YES, I would rather work in a pig sty than be deprived of sex.

Leading me on when there is no point

I’ve pulled out all my best moves and I seem to be making progress with the cute girl I just met. When I finally get to the point where I can safely ask for her number, she smiles and says, “I have a boyfriend.” That information would have been nice at the beginning of the conversation.

Emotionally manipulating me

I don’t like to see women cry and some cruel women take advantage of this fact and use it to get what they want.

In general, women are much more emotional than men and it’s easy for some women to use a man’s complete incomprehension of female feelings to get what they want from him.

Giving me fake digits

I convinced her to give me her number and I’m feeling mighty good about myself.

Of course my charm and good looks have obviously made an impression on her.

Unfortunately, when I try to call, she doesn’t pick up or worse, she’s given me a fake number. Simply tell me you can’t give me your number. I wouldn’t have a problem telling you you’re not my type if I didn’t like you.


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