Wearing sheer tops in style

The new year comes with new things…and fashion is no exception. 2013 has began with sheers being seen everywhere.Sheer tops are soft, romantic and very feminine.

The new year comes with new things…and fashion is no exception. 2013 has began with sheers being seen everywhere.
Sheer tops are soft, romantic and very feminine.

I bought three sheer tops in Nyabugogo market a week ago and they look so new and beautiful. I wore one on New Year’s Day and all my friends were asking where I bought it. These come in delicate fabrics such as chiffon, and are light and airy. But sometimes you meet someone in sheer top and you want the earth to open up and swallow you. If you decide to wear sheer tops, there are a few things you need to put into consideration.

Cover up
Modesty demands that you wear something over or under a sheer top. You can pick a camisole that is close to the colour of the sheer top for a monochromatic look. If the sheer blouse is black, wear a black camisole.

If the top is a light colour, use a light or nude-coloured camisole. Choose a simple camisole without lace or other trims that might detract from the blouse. Wearing a sheer top without something underneath makes one look trashy instead of classy. No one needs to see through to your bra or skin.

Hide the bulging tummy
Hide extra weight around the middle by wearing a long tank top under a sheer blouse. Pants or a skirt with a higher waist will also add coverage around the midsection. For even more figure enhancement consider wearing a body shaper, before you put on that sheer blouse on top, for the ultimate look.

Style it up
Wear a long-length or tunic-style sheer blouse with a sleeveless vest. If you plan to remove the vest, wear a layer underneath the top. Tunic-style blouses look great with leggings or skinny-leg pants.

Layer a sheer top over a solid-coloured, sleeveless dress. This works well if the top has buttons or is a wrap-style. Belt the outfit with a scarf or thin belt and you will look your best.

Sheer for office wear
Choose a sheer top for work only if you are wearing it under a suit jacket or a sweater top. A sheer blouse would not look professional because of the nature of the fabric. This fabric attracts a lot of attention and you don’t want this when you are in the office, and you see everyone talking in harsh tones because of what you are wearing.

Out for a gig
For night look, sheer comes easy but it has to be worn decently as well. Unlike the office where you have to cover up, when going out sheer is best when not covered by a jacket for as long as there is a vest underneath and no bra is seen hanging somewhere.

Accessorise all you can
Keep your accessories understated. Shoes should be a neutral colour for day or a metallic colour for night. Heels or flats in a simple style work well with the sheer romantic look. Carry a clutch style handbag when going out and a tote bag for office. Keep your jewellery minimal.

Do not shy away from wearing your sheer blouse in style. I have seen quite a few at the UTC Shopping Mall, and a few other boutiques in town.


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