Books:Happiness is a four-letter word

Book: Happiness is a four-letter word Author: Cynthia JeleAvailable at: Rwanda National Library

Book: Happiness is a four-letter word
Author: Cynthia Jele
Available at: Rwanda National Library

NANDI, Zaza, Tumi and Princess are four ordinary friends living life in the fast and fabulous lanes of Johannesburg. Suddenly, no amount of cocktails can cure the stress that simultaneously unsettles their lives. Nandi’s final wedding arrangements are nearly in place. So, why is she feeling on edge?

=Zaza, the “trophy wife”, waits for the day her affair comes to light and her husband gives her a one-way ticket back to the township. Tumi has only one wish to complete her perfect life – a child. But when her wish is granted, it’s not exactly how she pictured it.

And Princess? For the first time ever, she has fallen in love, with Leo, a painter who seems to press all the right buttons. But soon she discovers that life is not a bed of roses. Well, this book is an easy read, a stress reliever.


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