Classic family New Year’s dinner

Serves: 10Preparation time: 40 MinutesCooking time:     180 minutes

Serves: 10
Preparation time: 40 Minutes
Cooking time:     180 minutes

Resting Time: 30 minutes

Nutrition per serving: 997 cals, 49g fat, of which 17g saturated fat, 5g added sugar, 0.3g salt.

You will need:
2 red onions, peeled and finely chopped
2 rashers unsmoked streaky bacon, chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil
25g butter
1 tablespoon fennel seeds, crushed
15g pack fresh sage, chopped
150g chestnuts, crumbled
500g sausagemeat
1 large egg, beaten
200g fresh breadcrumbs
4.5kg Sainsbury’s fresh Norfolk Black turkey
A little softened butter
10 chipolata sausages
5 rashers smoked streaky bacon
1-2 tablespoons plain flour
600ml chicken or turkey stock

1. For the stuffing: Fry the onions and unsmoked streaky bacon gently in the olive oil and butter for 4 minutes. Add the crushed fennel seeds, sage, and chestnuts, add a little seasoning and cook for a further 3 minutes over a medium heat, until the ingredients have all flavoured each other. Season to taste, and pour it out onto a tray to cool quickly. Once at room temperature, pop it into the fridge until chilled.

4. Prepare the sausages: Stretch the bacon rashers, snip them in half to make 10 rashers and use to wrap around the chipolata sausages. Arrange on a baking sheet and chill until ready to cook them in the oven.

 5. For the final 50 minutes of turkey cooking, remove the foil to crisp up the skin. Once the turkey is cooked, take it out of the oven, put onto a plate and let it rest.

 Cook’s tips    

Always test the turkey to ensure it has been thoroughly cooked. Pierce the turkey between the leg and the breast with a knife or skewer, the juices must run clear. If they are still pink, return the bird to the oven for a further 15 minutes and then test again.

The turkey will carve much better after it has been left to rest. Cover it well with the foil and clean tea towels, the bird will keep very hot for at least 30 minutes.


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