I hate people who…

…randomly invite busy people to wedding meetings.  I know many of you are already tired of these meetings that some people even consider them to be nothing but begging meetings.

…randomly invite busy people to wedding meetings.

I know many of you are already tired of these meetings that some people even consider them to be nothing but begging meetings. It is even worse when you can barely make time for some of these meetings because of your busy schedule. In these tough times when even donors are cutting down aid, I think people organising wedding meetings ought to cut down their budgets and thus reduce on these meetings as well. And, by the way, when The Hater invites you for his wedding meetings, do not bother showing up. Just send me the money via mobile money. Yes, I am a busy person. Busy hating.

…use their mobile phones as if they are military radios.

I really find it amazing how people can be creative with their stupidity. Have you seen those annoying people with rural-urban-migration-excitement who use their mobile phones like military radios? Yes, the ones who keep moving the phone back and forth from the mouth to the ear. Don’t these people have friends who can tell them that what they do is simply annoying? Do they really have to wait to read this column to know that each time I see them doing this I weep a little for humanity? Yes they always get me to do that one tear from the left eye thing like a film star.

…are public officials but hardly pick calls.

It has come to my notice that you can actually make someone a public official but fail to see how public he/she can be. I just have to hate all those public officials who think they can become more important by simply not picking up calls. Of course we know you are busy and picking up a call does not mean you are idle. Do you even stop to think that it is because of other busy people’s taxes that you are in that office? And do not give me that excuse of not picking calls from people you do not know. You are supposed to serve those people not know them. 

…still invite you to stupid Facebook groups.
Aren’t we all tired of waking up to finding ourselves in Facebook groups about all sorts of things we are not even interested in? I mean, who told you that I am interested in saving tigers that I have even never seen?

And how am I supposed to save them by just being in a group and clicking on random photos? Some of you need a stint in jail so you can get another chance to reflect on your lousy lives. I already belong to the groups I like, do not try to choose for me anymore. Thank you.

…think the Christmas season is all about increasing prices.

 The last time I checked, my income for the month of December had not increased. Now why do people think it is okay to increase prices just because it is Christmas? I thought Christmas was about the birth of Jesus Christ not the birth of your greed.

What if when time came for you to go to heaven the price was raised too? We all want to be happy during the Christmas season and I really don’t see how this can be achieved by hiked prices. 

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