The Ben.:A story of remarkable Zambian women

Movie Title: Where the Water Meets the SkyRunning time: 96 minutesDirected by: David EbertsWritten by: Jordan RobertsReviewed by: Martin BishopAvailable at: Clarido Video Library

Movie Title: Where the Water Meets the Sky
Running time: 96 minutes
Directed by: David Eberts
Written by: Jordan Roberts
Reviewed by: Martin Bishop
Available at: Clarido Video Library

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, Where the Water Meets the Sky is the story of a remarkable group of women in a remote region of northern Zambia, who are given a unique opportunity: to learn how to make a film, as a way to speak out about their lives and to challenge the local traditions which have, until now, kept them silent.

Many in the group can’t read or write, most are desperately poor, and few have been exposed to film or television. But with the help of two teachers, this class of 23 women learns to shoot a film that portrays a subject of their own choosing.

It involves an issue that is traumatic for them all, and rarely spoken about. Where the Water Meets the Sky is the story of an unforgettable group of women who defy long traditions of silence and who demonstrate with courage, humour and resilience that their futures are once again something of promise.


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