Books:The book that has put us at ease for more than 30 years

Book: No Longer at Ease Author: Chinua AchebeAvailable at: National Library of Rwanda

Book: No Longer at Ease
Author: Chinua Achebe
Available at: National Library of Rwanda

This book has been read and reread by millions of people and is still being printed for more consumption. It tells a story of a man whose foreign education has separated him from his African roots and made him part of the ruling elite whose corruption he finds repugnant. This is a book that anybody who has had to split two cultures or mesh them should read.

More than thirty years after it was first written, this novel remains a brilliant statement on the challenges still facing African society. Some folk read this as the story of the simple villager who is educated out of his village class and family belief structure, but yet is not savvy enough to navigate the tricky situation of being part of the next class a step up from his old place in society. But all in this entire book has such an easy natural flow that it put this reader quite at ease and so able to enjoy all it encompassed.


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