Women are not any betterWhy do you look for the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own?
Alinda Lillian Munanura
Alinda Lillian Munanura

Women are not any better

Why do you look for the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own?

I have been brought up to believe that it is the sole duty of women to shift blame from themselves to men.

As a woman I am sorry to say this but we are the most complex species ever created by God. Even I do not understand myself sometimes- with my ever changing moods - how then can we expect these poor guys to understand us?

Men have become the victims of a brutal society filled with power- hungry women- and I know this because I and so many friends of mine believe- power is the new sexy!

It is certainly not because I despise women, however, I find myself questioning their sanity, since the 1800s, feminist movements have been begging for equality amongst other things and now that they have it, they find every reason to blame men and accuse them of being lazy and uncaring.

Now if that is not some special kind of schizophrenia- then you name the disease women are suffering from.

But I am also curious about certain things- why do women want equality for some things and not for others? Women will upload the rain of fire on a man for not being able to fix a water pipe- and yet sit their lazy %@* down, not being able to do it themselves but pass judgement.

A few of them blessed with a decent education and able to be the bread winners of the home, will live the rest of their lives reminding a man how useless he is- forgetting that most of them succeed because of their gender- for women working hard is unheard of.

I will not even go into the shenanigans of today’s woman and her unfaithfulness, sleeping with anything that has two legs and an extra one- then claiming half the man’s property during the divorce process- what is happening? Is marriage now a business?

It deeply worries me to say this but no man in their right mind should extend the element of trust to women- because they are selfish conniving @#$% that will stab you in the back the minute they smell greener pastures – I will reserve my comments on the ones that still use pregnancy to hook men.


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