Raise your glass to mothers!

My mother always tells me that the last time I was cute and sweet was before I learnt how to talk.

My mother always tells me that the last time I was cute and sweet was before I learnt how to talk. Yes, I have always been opinionated and pretty independent. I didn’t get a sibling until I was almost 3 and my parents worked a lot, they always tried to be there for me but I figured out how to do things on my own. My mother always said she never worried about me going out in the world but just worried if the world was ready for me?

My mother rarely gets ill but a couple of weeks ago she had a pretty bad cold, and honestly it scared me. Mothers are not supposed to get sick…right?! But I guess with age, her immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be and I worry a lot whenever she complains about a backache. I always think about the life she’s had to deal with. Also, along with not getting sick, mothers never complain about anything, whether it is figuring out how to get your uniform ready without electricity or how to feed a family on the most basic budget, they figure it out with a smile... as only a mother can do. 

This is not a Mother’s Day post or anything like that but as I grow older, you start to think about what kind of wife or mother you will be one day. The relationships you are in - the conversation about children always comes up. Personally, since I was a teenager I always disliked kids, I would run away from kids who came over and locked myself in my room until they left. Now I find myself commenting on how cute kids are –trust that it’s very shocking to my family who experienced my disdain for kids. I sometimes catch myself and ask “who are you turning into?” Well, maybe I’m turning into my mom.

I went through a period where I told my mom I hated her and that she was crazy and a lot of other mean things, and she would simply shrug and ensure that I still followed her instructions and would sometimes say, “One day you will see why I’m doing this,” and honestly, a lot of her advice helps me out today. Whenever I’m not living with her, a lot of her quirks come out whether it is her OCD cleanliness - literally never leaving dishes over night or always making sure you have sandwich ingredients because even when you are dirt broke, a sandwich is a pretty good dinner. And I’m never afraid to admit to her that she is right and I guess this comes with growing up. 

Mothers are very special and many times I wished that I didn’t have to follow my mother’s rules but now at least I understand that one day she won’t be there to call me every day to talk about a random news article or to tell me about the latest episode of whatever show we are into . I actually cherish her advice.

So ladies, whether the special woman in your life is your mother or an aunt or any kind of motherly figure, we really must take the lessons they teach us seriously because one day we will really be on our own.


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