Only in my wildest dreams!

I am sorry people, but please, allow me to rub it in your face that my husband is every woman’s dream man.

I am sorry people, but please, allow me to rub it in your face that my husband is every woman’s dream man.

He never comes home late- he does not choose soccer with the boys over me, he helps with the kids and calls me five times in a day just to check on me.

Oh, and did I mention that he does not forget my birthday and our anniversary- do not get me started on the gifts I receive on those special days.

However, there is one slight problem with him- he only exists in my imagination and I am guessing so many of you have the same man attacking your dreams.

Okay! Wake up! Now let us face reality- ladies, stop looking for that man he does not exist- it is about time you did some soul searching if you think that thousands of men have a problem and not yourself.

But hold up! Even if that dream man existed- what makes you think it is you he would want to spend the rest of his life with?

My guess is - you will have to be as perfect as him if he is going to even talk to you, and I am willing to bet anything that perfect is the last thing you are.

Now this is the truth - unless you stop searching for ‘my’ dream man and let him rest in ‘my’ head peacefully - you are bound to spend the rest of your life single. And even if so, I have heard all sorts of excuses about career and whatever to justify your singleness.

I honestly do not think there are many people out there that want to spend their lives alone with no family but a horde of glaring cats.

That is what is going to happen to you and me because I too do not settle for less. To me settling for less is self-loathing and destruction to my priorities, so I chose to be loyal to my dream man, who by the way has a perfect name too- Kyle- isn’t it sweet?

So you can either live with me in dreamland as we wait for Jesus to come back hopefully with that perfect man or you can start accepting those dinner and movie proposals that that imperfect man has been offering.

If I were you, I would choose the latter but since I’m not, join me in dreamland!


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