Birthday Wishes

Kuzo Powell turned five on……No one could be more proud in the entire world than me. I have the loveliest child  that there could ever be Since the day you were born  I have this feeling of pride,

Kuzo Powell turned five on……
No one could be more proud
 in the entire world than me.
 I have the loveliest child
 that there could ever be
 Since the day you were born
 I have this feeling of pride,
 everyone can see it.
 When you are by my side
 on this special day
 I really want to say,
 Thank you for all the happiness
 That you have sent my way.
Best wishes from mummy, daddy,
sister and brother

Vivian Bogere turned six on December 1st
Happy Birthday to the brightest star in our life, I wish you all the happiness that you have brought to all those who know you.
Always remember, you are unique, and never forget how much you are loved. Happy Birthday to the best child in the whole wide world!
Birthday wishes from mummy, granny, uncles and friends.

Isaac Mugisha turned three on November 29.
Happy Birthday to a child that I am so proud of,
may all your dreams for the future come true
as beautiful as a flower,
 With a heart of pure gold,
 we’re wishing you the best
 That any birthday can hold.
 Happy Birthday to you, little super star!
best wishes from mummy, uncles and aunties

Vanesa Ndagire turned one year old
on December 4th.
You are such a special friend,
 who deserves a special day
 for being who you are and
 bringing joy in every way
 You make us smile and laugh,
 with everything you do,
 So today we get to send a special
 birthday wish to you!
Warm birthday wishes from mummy.


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