What do you learn from your Bible stories?

Hey kids, how well do you know your bible stories? If you do, do you know the lessons behind these stories?

Hey kids, how well do you know your  bible stories? If you do, do you know the lessons behind these stories?

Noah’s Ark 

This story teaches us that obedience is a virtue. It also teaches us that people make mistakes but God forgives us and always gives us a second chance to make things right.

Abraham and Isaac

This story teaches us faith and blind trust in God.  Sometimes, He tests our faith (when bad things happen) just like He did with Abraham. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son but He was only testing Abraham’s faith.

Joseph, King of Dreams 

This story is important since it shows that God sometimes sends messages through the young. It shows the value of faith in God. It teaches us that life sometimes is not fair but everything is planned.


Moses was not willing to do the task that God asked him to do because he did not have faith in himself. The task of saving the Israelites from the harsh rule of the Egyptian Pharaoh seemed impossible to Moses. God chose him to deliver His people to the Promised Land. This teaches kids that although we believe we are not capable of doing some things, with God’s help, we can accomplish tasks, even beyond our ‘limited’ abilities.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Christmas is the most important day in the whole world because this is the day Jesus was born. God sent His Son to Earth to die for us so that we won’t have to suffer for our sins. It teaches us that God is forgiving, loving and kind and that His love has no boundaries for we are all one and the same. 

These are only a few of the very many interesting Bible stories. Kids, grab a Bible, read more of these stories and see what you learn from them.  There is always a lesson to be learned.


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