steamed salmon

Ingredients2-4 Salmon filletsSaltBlack pepperDried dill (optional)

2-4 Salmon fillets
Black pepper
Dried dill (optional)

This is a very easy salmon recipe to cook

Salmon is a very healthy and tasty fish to eat but on many occasions lots of different people have said that they love the taste of salmon but do not know how to cook it, Chef Jeena shows you how to cook salmon the simple way.

It is not always necessary to cook salmon in a fancy way, with some simple seasoning salmon can be very easy to cook and extremely delicious to eat.

Chef uses salt, pepper and dried dill to season this salmon, the dill is optional. The fish is then wrapped in tin foil and baked in a hot oven. Once cooked the salmon is then served with kale and garlic potatoes, you can serve with any side dish of your choice.

Salmon is high in omega oils, Vitamin D, Tryptophan (the happy brain chemical), Selenium and B Vitamins. So as well as being very tasty salmon is very healthy.


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