Movies:‘Rwasa’, one of the best from Hillywood

Movie: Rwasa Director: Theogene BizimanaRun: 1:36 hrsReviewed by: Martin BishopGenre: RomanceAvailable at: all movie storesRelease date: October 1, 2012
Nsanzamaro Denis aka Rwasa.
Nsanzamaro Denis aka Rwasa.

Movie: Rwasa
Director: Theogene Bizimana
Run: 1:36 hrs
Reviewed by: Martin Bishop
Genre: Romance
Available at: all movie stores
Release date: October 1, 2012

RWASA (Daniel Nsanzamahoro) is a two faced ruthless young man with a go-getter attitude. He is a finance manager of one of the most prosperous companies and also a ringleader of a notorious gang of robbers. He is trusted by his chief and feared by his subordinates. Rwasa is in love or acts like he is with Michelle (Liliane Mutangazwa) his patron’s daughter. As he struggles to juggle both jobs, a trail of murder and robbery is slowly following him threatening his love for Michelle and the job promotion he is yearning for.

He is pushed to kill to cover his tracks and put up an act to impress his administrator. This movie deserves a little credit for good performance. The sound is also ok. Rwasa is so far the best product to come from Silver Film Production.


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