Movies:Beautiful, loaded and in love with a pauper

Movie: InzoziCast: Francis Iraguha, Marie FranceProduced by: Silver Film ProductionDirector: Theogene Bizimana
Francis Iraguha, one of leading actor in the movie Onzozi.
Francis Iraguha, one of leading actor in the movie Onzozi.

Movie: Inzozi

Cast: Francis Iraguha, Marie France

Produced by: Silver Film Production

Director: Theogene Bizimana

Reviewed by: Martin Bishop

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INZOZI (Dream) centres on Ben (Francis Iraguha), a young man from a poor family who happens to fall in love with Sonia (Marie France Niragire), a beautiful girl from a well-to-do family. Though the two are deeply in love, all is not well with the young couple. When Marie introduces Ben to her family, her crafty uncle, Sam, who plays her guardian role, chases him away, crashing his dream as they can’t marry off their daughter to a pauper.
All ways to make their love accepted are futile. Later on, Uncle Sam, caught cheating on his wife, is blackmailed by this equally street-smart young man who threatens to show Sam’s wife the photos he took of him (Sam) and his concubine – unless he parts with a huge sum of cash and hooks him up  with  the beautiful Sonia. Will Ben’s dream come true? Is everything fate or can one take destiny in their own hands? Is this possible or is it just a inzonzi?


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