Do you know your movies?

You know it’s a Nigerian movie when:The person declares their death before they fall to the ground “I’m dead ohhhh!”

You know it’s a Nigerian movie when:

The person declares their death before they fall to the ground “I’m dead ohhhh!”

Any one going to die in a hospital gets to say their last words (normally being a whole novel).

The chief has a child that falls in love with a poor person and he has to forbid it.

There is a chief who sits at home all day but is still somehow the richest.

All rich men seem to be getting their wealth in shady ways.

Drums start beating to signify danger.

You know it’s an American movie when:

They are always attacked by aliens.

The police never do anything as the country is full of super heroes.

Police show up after the incidents in which they are needed.

Black American movies have every famous black face.

Doors get stuck in horror movies and open just after a person gets killed.

You know it’s an Indian movie when:

Actors start dancing and everyone on the street somehow knows the strokes.

The main actor has to fall in love.

The police is always corrupt.

The sound of a punch comes before the actual visible punch.

You know it’s a Rwandan movie when:

The actors can’t stop looking at the camera recording.

The movie comes out before its release date because the actors can’t stop telling people about it.

The actor or actress smiles in the movie because they have remembered all their lines perfectly.

They talk like they have spent a week cramming the words.


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