More than a dozen Rwandan stories in one book

Book: From the Heart of AfricaAuthor: Timothy Njoroge  Language:  EnglishVolume: 144 pagesReviewed by: Martin BishopAvailable at: Most local book libraries

Book: From the Heart of Africa
Author: Timothy Njoroge 
Language:  English
Volume: 144 pages
Reviewed by: Martin Bishop
Available at: Most local book libraries

IF the aim of writing From the Heart of Africa was to revive cultural virtues like resilience, courage, respect, patience and others in young people, then he is half way there. This 144 paged book is rich with more than a dozen Rwandan stories. Although it was meant for young people, adults too can find a lot of hidden wisdom in this small treasure.

The book is inspirational! It drips with life lessons from which anyone can learn. Among the various stories, the book features Ngunda, a powerful and hardworking giant! It is said that all the hills in Rwanda are actually mounds that Ngunda prepared to grow potatoes. Or a story of families pushed to the edge by famine and how they fought for survival.

The book also tells of  the  tale of a hunter who can hear animals speak to each other, a story of a man who outwits his jealous brother who is scheming to kill him and many other well-known folktales passed down from generation to generation.

Writing this book, Njoroge kept all levels of readers in mind, as it’s an easy read written in plain English. Every story in this book has a moral. The evil are punished and the good live happily ever after.

These stories may be myths filled with funny animals and giants and they may seem to have taken place hundreds of years ago, but they are relatable for today’s readers because they deal with global situations.


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