Hair – try something new and exciting!

The phrase “everything old is new again” may come to mind when looking at what’s hot in black hair this year.

The phrase “everything old is new again” may come to mind when looking at what’s hot in black hair this year. There’s quite a bit of retro styling going on, so if you’re into vintage, this is your year! However, it’s not all old school - there are some modern twists here and there, and one can always turn to the hair chameleon that is Rihanna.

Janelle Monae channels an earlier era with this natural pompadour style. The front sits high, while back lengths are designed into a classy chignon.

And that chignon! It will never go away, but it’s so classic and chic, why would you ever want it to? This simple ‘do’ is perfect for those bad hair days or whenever you want an elegant, hands-free style. This year, not every chignon needs to be slick and sleek, as a more “mussy” look is en vogue. What’s even better, it only takes a few minutes and will last all day, from the office, to happy hour with friends, to dinner with the man.

Middle parts are pop-u-lar this year! Instead of pairing a center part with stick straight locks (think Jennifer Aniston), go for a little bit of wave, as Jada Pinkett Smith does. A bit of a bohemian carefree beauty!

This year’s braided styles have more finesse than the standard individual braid, especially when you combine them with another style, as Jill Scott does here. Low-cut sides stand on their own from a braided crown that’s swept into a mesmerizing updo! A great benefit of the braid is how it works with nearly any length of hair. Think outside the box and see what cool combinations you can come up with. (And send us a photo!)

Into accessorizing? Hair wraps are trendy in 2012, but it’s not just about tying a random scarf around your head. Wraps should complement your outfit and look as if you purposely created the style. The possibilities are endless.

Got natural hair? Good, because this movement toward natural is only gaining momentum (thank the Lord). Whether you sport short or long, straight or curly, your hair is you own; maximize its natural beauty! Here, Solange Knowles takes advantage of two trends: the center part and her natural, big, curly ‘do.


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