Energy is key to innovation

Terms like energy get thrown around all the time and have consequently taken on multiple meanings.  You need energy to get out of bed in the morning.  Use positive energy to make the life you have dreamed of.
Lewis Ndichu
Lewis Ndichu

Terms like energy get thrown around all the time and have consequently taken on multiple meanings.  You need energy to get out of bed in the morning.  Use positive energy to make the life you have dreamed of.  

The world is in an energy crisis.  

Whatever energy really is, it seems to be everywhere.  It is the spark.  It is movement.  Without energy, we would be inert blobs.  Can you imagine a successful business being described as an inert blob?  That is because every successful business is built and sustained by energy.

The life of the party

You know that one guy at the party who everybody cannot just get enough of?  He is mixing drinks one minute, playing the piano the next, letting loose with impersonations, and is always the first one on the dance floor.  What gives him the ability to possess such an abundance of energy?  It is simple.  He is involved, he is having fun and he is being creative.

I wish he uses the same energy when doing creative work, something that he can benefit from in future or present. Have you ever thought of that? The energy you use when dancing if applied in something constructive can be very helpful.


Let your instinct work for you and become fully involved in your surroundings.  Have you ever had a job that was so boring you went into full autopilot mode?  The clock ticks more and more slowly because you are not fully present.  In order to keep your brain working at a high level, you have to give it something to do.  

Your brain is like computer software and is active only when in use. Surround yourself with a challenge and immerse yourself in a dynamic environment.  You will be alert, productive, and truly alive.


Your largest source of energy is yourself.  Your passion has driven you since you were only a child.  Maybe you were passionate about collecting baseball cards.  

Maybe you loved to jump a rope. Maybe you were the best tree climber in the whole village, maybe you are the best chess player such that everybody wants to be near you to see you play it.

In any case, your energy was your fuel.  As an adult, if you are fortunate enough to make the decision to be an entrepreneur, you can fuel your work with your passion. Don’t forget that life, and business, should include fun.  

You can add fun and joy even to activities that normally seem mundane.  Stay serious and motivated, but don’t neglect your inner-child. The best and interesting thing is that everybody was born an artist and that is our passion. If you don’t have a talent, you are lost. I realised that the greatest wealth is gained through our talents, interest/passions.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must realise the power behind your thoughts. Think over and over.

Let me show you how thinking is interesting when you interpolate it my way. Take T as talent, H as hard work, I as insights/opportunities, N as needs/dreams and K as knowledge. Try to practice everything as ability to THINK BIG.


Business sometimes gets a bad rap.  People have images of boring men and women in stuffy suits plodding around an office.  The truth is that the most successful businesses are bursting with creativity.  Running a business is an art as well as a science, not smart suits.

Look at the most successful entrepreneurs like Sir. Richard Branson. He is never on suit nor a tie.  Get your creative juices flowing and put them to work.  If you’re fully involved and you’re having fun, you’ve created the perfect environment for your creativity to thrive.

Building Your Business through Yourself

Set the tone for your business by exhibiting these characteristics yourself.  Encourage creativity throughout the ranks.  Challenge employees so that they remain focused and fully present in their work.  

Make it obvious that while everyone has a role to play and responsibilities to adhere to, that is no reason to shun fun.  By building the foundation of your business on these principles, you’ll project a dynamic and capable image to the public.

Energy may be hard to pin down, but you know it when you see it.  

Let your business come to life by injecting it with fun, creativity, and purpose.


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