I hate people who…

…ignore local politics but pretend to be experts on US politics.Thank God the US presidential elections are over and life can return to normal once again.

…ignore local politics but pretend to be experts on US politics.

Thank God the US presidential elections are over and life can return to normal once again. I was really getting tired of the same jokers who pretend not to be concerned with local politics.

However, these same jokers were busy blubbering about how Obama was going to defeat Mitt Romney. So you stay in Nyamirambo, you do not even know who the prime minister of Rwanda is but suddenly you are a senior political analyst on US politics. Do you even know where the American ambassador resides in Rwanda? I wonder what you will be talking about now that elections are over.

…go to church just so they can tweet everything they hear.

I understand that social media is a very cool thing and almost everyone these days is either on Facebook or Twitter. What is not cool though is the foolishness of some people who think they should spend their time in church tweeting everything they hear instead of actually praying or simply listening to what is being said. Who are you tweeting for anyway? I think these are the same jokers that will tweet at their parents’ funerals, things like the body is now below the ground. I don’t even have to hate you, God is watching you.

…borrow umbrellas and refuse to return them.

These days it rains quite often and sometimes it finds you without an umbrella and socks you like a homeless goat. That is when you remember to hate that friend who borrowed your umbrella but has never seen the sense in returning it.

These fools think that because some of us bought umbrellas we are now immune to the rain and don’t need the umbrellas that much.

If you borrowed one when it was raining why don’t you have the decency to return it when it is shining? I hate these future thieves so much and I sometimes wish they can be struck by lightning for not returning borrowed umbrellas. 

…think customers are also visitors.

I don’t think I can ever say this with enough anger. I think I should stand up and type while standing and hope that my readers can feel the anger boiling in my head now. All this anger and hatred is for those people who work in restaurants but see nothing wrong in serving you almost an hour since you made your order.

Do they even stop to think that an hour later the hunger that brought me to the restaurant may have multiplied and even given birth to anger? I swear one of these days I will use the cutlery to take a hostage and demand quick service.

…carelessly name their children anything that comes to their mind.

 Just before it could be announced that Barack Obama had defeated Mitt Romney in the US presidential elections, a mother in Kenya gave birth to twins and named them Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Now if this is not foolishness then I don’t know what is. Did she even stop to think that the one named Romney may not be happy to find out that he was named after a loser? Don’t you just hate these empty heads as well?

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