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Title: Tuzibanire IIWriter: VD FrankDirector: ArafatGenre: RomanceReviewed by: Martin BishopAvailable at: Most local movie stores in Kigali
A scene from the movie Tuzibanire.
A scene from the movie Tuzibanire.

Title: Tuzibanire II
Writer: VD Frank
Director: Arafat
Genre: Romance
Reviewed by: Martin Bishop
Available at: Most local movie stores in Kigali

RELEASED two weeks ago, this PG 18 locally-made movie’s plot revolves around Dada, a beautiful young woman. Born in a rich family, things don’t go quite well later in life for Dada, who finds herself on the wrong side of the street. Though she has some academic potency, getting a job proves to be harder than she had anticipated.

After moving from one company to another in search for a job – in vain – Dada finally lands at the office steps of Mr. Van and immediately convinces herself that her troubles are over. But little does she know that her boss-to-be has a different devilish agenda – like some hurtles voltures, he uses and dumps her.

Insulted by the world, Dada turns to her erstwhile faithful boyfriend (VD Frank) who, fortunately for her, takes her in – with the other man’s unborn baby.

The acting is good though, I think, there is room for improvement. The sound, too, could have done better.


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