How to prepare for a job interview

The job market has become more completive as the country witnesses a surge in university graduates.

The job market has become more completive as the country witnesses a surge in university graduates.

In such an increasingly competitive job market, securing a job seems to be a daunting task, especially if one lacks the necessary job experience.

That’s why one needs thorough preparation before going for a job interview

At times, fresh graduates tend to think that research was only necessary in search of good grades during their school days.

Dr Benjamin Akinyemi, a lecturer at the School of Finance and Banking (SFB) says research is critical for any job seekers.

Research on the interviewing company gives one an insight into how it works.

“It’s such a shock when you ask a person about some basic information about the company and you find this person knowing less or nothing about the company yet in this generation, you can use Google to get more than what you need to know,” Akinyemi  notes.

Physical appearance, he says, contributes a lot during an interview.

He cautions job seekers not to take anything for granted, meaning there is need to pay attention to detail such as attire, nails and hairstyle.

While male candidates must ensure that their nails are cut, Akinyemi suggests that female candidates, who apply nail polish, should use corporate colours.

There is no simple interview.

Experts say one needs to think ahead and prepare all the necessary documents one may need before the interview.

Some experts suggest that if possible, for candidates who just want to change jobs can even request time off from work.

Print out extra copies of your resumes and a list of references.

No man is an Island, they say. So if you have a friend or a relative who can help you to go through many questions and answers, it would be a wonderful approach to win this position.

The more you practice by repeating questions and answers; it gives you the confidence to answer any question raised during the interview.

Stay calm and know that you are ready to do your best. You have spent time practising and preparing, so you will be ready to interview effectively.


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