The menace of sweaty palms

It is a medical condition that is often not spoken about much, yet affects a majority of the people.

It is a medical condition that is often not spoken about much, yet affects a majority of the people.

Sweaty palms can be an embarrassing and socially awkward condition.

Known medically as palmar hyperhidrosis, it can cause you to lose your grip on items like pens while writing, doorknobs and car door handles, but even worse, can make people live in fear of shaking your hands! People suffering from this condition vary between moist and clammy palms, to actual dripping of the sweat which can be very embarrassing.  

Ironically, despite so many products that claim to cure the sweaty palms condition, no one really knows what its actual cause is. According to one school of thought, it is caused by a hyperactive nervous system, thus increasing the activity of the sweat glands.  
It is often detected in early childhood and people affected by it are constantly aware of their condition, thus aggravating the problem. It can result in denial, leading suffers away from social gatherings and being reluctant to even shake hands, let alone handle any paperwork in order to avoid being ridiculed.  

There are a few medical procedures that can alleviate sweaty palms, but most involve surgery, chemical injections and mild electric shocks. That’s why many people opt for natural, cheap and widely available alternatives like deodorant, tea and acupuncture, before taking more drastic measures.


The same active ingredients in deodorants that work to keep your armpits dry can help your palms. Swipe the deo gently along your palms to reduce sweating.

  According to Alphonse Munyaneza, a dermatologist, solid bar deodorants tend to work best, as they’re relatively dry, meaning they won’t leave a sticky film or gel-like mess on your hands. If any excess remains, lightly blot your palms with a paper towel. Keep a travel-size deodorant with you for reapplications.

Sage tea

If you opt for this method, you should purchase tea that contains 5 percent sage. Brew the tea and let it steep for one to two days. Strain the tea and soak your palms in it. You can also soak a rag in the tea and place it in your hands.


Acupuncture is a Chinese remedy that uses pins to stimulate certain nerves on the body. Though it is not a sure-fire way to cure sweaty palms or hyperhidrosis, many who try this holistic procedure swear by it. Most do note, however, that the sweating returned once they stopped going to acupuncture.  If performed by a properly licensed acupuncturist, this procedure is perfectly safe. There are needles specifically designed and approved for this procedure. The needles must be sterile, non-toxic and labelled for single-use only.

Because every person and case of sweaty palms is different, your acupuncturist should determine the placement of pins only after a thorough discussion with you about your symptoms.


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