How they stay clean and smart

“Every morning when I wake up, I bathe, brush my teeth and wear a clean uniform.”Romeo Abawe 9, P.4
Romeo Abawe
Romeo Abawe

 “Every morning when I wake up, I bathe, brush my teeth and wear a clean uniform.”
Romeo Abawe 9, P.4

 “You can be hygienic by cleaning your compound and washing your clothes.” Alain Mugisha 11, P.5

“Sitting in a clean class makes me concentrate better. It’s not just about personal hygiene but also keeping the environment clean at school, home and everywhere we go.”Prince Niyogisubizo 9, P.4

“Some people don’t cut their nails but bacteria lurk under long nails. They come from the things we do everyday like opening doors and scratching our heads. I always keep my nails short and clean.” Nadine Iragena 9, P.4.

 “I advise children to cut their hair, brush their teeth every after a meal and also take a bath every day. Some kids do not like to bathe! Prince Mwemera 11, P.5

 “My uniform is always clean because I wash it at least two times a week. I also go to the salon to cut my hair and nails.”
Fostine Hategekimana 10, P.5

“When I wash my uniform, I don’t forget my socks. I always remind my parents about a hair cut before school starts.”
Alain Shema 12, P.4

If you want to be clean and smart, you need to clean your surroundings, your body and everything you use.”
Naome Umumararungu 9, P.4

  “Being clean is not a luxury but something truly vital. No one wants to hang around a dirty person so I make sure I take a bath twice a day, I brush my teeth, and also keep my uniform nice and clean.” Omega Umwengeli 11, P.5

“I throw all wastes exactly where they should be dumped. Many children still litter and that is not a good thing.”
Angel Mutoni 11, P.5

“Everyone should do something to keep our country nice and clean. After keeping ourselves clean, there is no point in walking around a dirty city so please keep it clean.” Pia Nsangwa 13, P.5


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